Why a Dentist in Murray Uses Gum Reshaping

All those years when parents, teachers, and the family dentist were stressing to us the importance of brushing, we thought they were only talking about tooth decay.  The truth of the matter is that periodontal concern for healthy gums is just as important.  There are a number of reasons the dentist  in Murray may discuss gum reshaping during a regular check-up, and not all of them are cosmetic.

dental checkup with cosmetic dentist

What is going on in the mouth when the dentist talks about gingival tissue that is causing the gums around the base of the teeth as “being excessive”?  Many people may associate gum decline with old age as in the expressions that someone is getting “long in the tooth.”  The real cause of gingivitis, however, is not advancing years but, rather, improper dental hygiene.  Even brushing daily may not prevent gum disease when done improperly, not stimulating the gums during brushing.  In extreme cases when antibiotic treatment is unsuccessful, flap surgery may be required where the dentist pulls back the gum flap to clean the roots and repair bone damage below.  In some severe cases, bone grafting may be required.  In many cases, gum flap surgery will be completed by gum reshaping or restoration.

Some cases your dentist in Murray sees that need gum reshaping involve the buildup of excessive gum tissue along the gum line.

This is usually done in one visit to the dentist office using a soft tissue laser to reduce and reshape the gum tissue.  In case of greater excess of the tissue, more time may be required to complete the procedure and some post surgery stitches may be required.  In any case where gum reshaping is the result of gingivitis or other dental problem, most dental insurance may cover the dental procedure.  When gum reshaping falls into the category of cosmetic dentistry, insurance will likely not pay.

For the same reasons that people want to whiten and straighten their teeth, gum reshaping may be desirable to produce that perfect smile.  In fact, irregular gum growth may simply create the illusion of crooked teeth that can be corrected by gum sculpting.  Such procedure may be the finishing touch on dental veneers or a smile makeover.  After other cosmetic corrections are made, an uneven gum line may negate the results and the dentist may then suggest gum reshaping.

Whether for cosmetic reasons or for serious gum, bone, and root problems, gum reshaping is a major service of dental offices.  Minor corrections may be done in the office of the dentist in Murray, but major operations such as flap surgery may be referred to a periodontist.

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