Dental Implants by your Dentist in Murray Utah!

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Dr. Ormsby is known for his compassionate nature and aims to address all his patients’ concerns to the best of his abilities, ensuring that every patient treated at his highly skilled hands never returns with the same dental complaint again. He will spend all the time necessary to explain the benefits and risks of dental implant placement, will answer every question you may have and will honestly advise you on whether you are a good candidate for dental implant placement or not.

Be it simple teeth whitening to complex dental procedures, you won’t find a better dentist in Murray Utah to place your dental implant.

Common concerns about Implants by your dentist in Murray Utah

As a patient, you may have many questions for your implant dentist in Murray Utah about dental implants. To answer some of the most common concerns patients have, read on to find an answer for your own.

>Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Generally, if you are in good health and have no gum or periodontal disease, you are good to go. If you have periodontal problems then you should first ensure you have periodontal therapy performed, involving cleaning and scaling to remove irritants such as plaque and calculus from the teeth which cause gum inflammation and may impair healing if an implant is placed. The healthier you are, the better chances of your implant being successful.

Systemic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and others may require adequate treatment if you wish to have implants placed.

>How long does implant placement take and how long is the healing time?

Under ideal conditions Dr. Ormsby, your implant dentist in Murray Utah, may take even less than an hour to place a single implant. The implant is then left to heal within the bone for a minimum of eight weeks, during which a transitional dental prosthesis is placed to fill in the empty space and even protect the implant from contact during its healing period.

>Are implants permanent? How long will they last?

Implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth. Your dentist in Murray Utah uses only the best quality titanium implants, which have the unique ability to attract bone formation around them, thus become completely embedded or “osseo-integrated” within the bone. It is safe to say that if placed with the skill that your dentist in Murray Utah, Dr. Ormsby possesses, your implants will last you a lifetime!

>Am I allowed to smoke after implant placement?

Smoking is known to delay wound healing and the same goes for implant healing. Although there are many smokers who do have had successful implants placed at the hands of Dr. Ormsby, you should discuss your smoking habits with Dr. Ormsby if you plan to have implants placed.

>Could my dental implant fail?

As with any surgical procedure, regular post-operative care is necessary to ensure the implant healing is not hindered. Visiting Dr. Ormsby, your implant dentist in Murray Utah, maintaining excellent oral hygiene and ensuring no mechanical trauma to the implant during healing are key factors in determining success of your implant.

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